Courier Legals 3-23-16


CASE NO. 2015-CP-39-00955

BY VIRTUE of a decree heretofore granted in the case of FIRST-CITIZENS BANK & TRUST COMPANY, INC. f/k/a FIRST CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST COMPANY, INC. against REBECCA K. HOOPER, I, the Special Referee for Pickens County, will sell on Monday, March 7, 2016, at 11:00 a.m., at the Pickens County Courthouse, 214 East Main Street, Pickens, SC, to the highest bidder:

All that certain piece, parcel or lot of land situate, lying and being in the State of South Carolina, County of Pickens, containing 1.92 acres, more or less, as shown and more fully described on a plat thereof prepared by Lindsey & Associates, Inc., Surveyors, entitled “Survey for James J. Hooper and Rebecca K. Hooper”, dated September 1, 1992 and recorded in Plat Book 53, at page 79, records of Pickens County, South Carolina.

It is mutually understood and agreed that this conveyance is made subject to those easements and/or rights-of-way as may appear on the premises and/or of record and all zoning and setback requirements.

This being the identical property conveyed unto James J. Hooper and Rebecca K. Hooper by deed of Eugene J. Kempton dated September 3, 1992 and recorded September 4, 1992 in Deed Book 177, at page 331, records of Pickens County, South Carolina. The said James J. Hooper having subsequently conveyed all of his right, title and interest in said property to Rebecca K. Hooper by deed dated April 6, 2004 and recorded in Deed Book 807, at page 168, records of Pickens County, South Carolina.

Property Address: 406 Gap Hill Road, Six Mile, SC 29682

TMS # 4039-00-88-8038

TERMS OF SALE: The successful bidder, other than the Plaintiff, will deposit with the Special Referee at conclusion of the bidding, five percent (5%) of the bid, in cash or equivalent, as evidence of good faith, same to be applied to the purchase price in case of compliance, but to be forfeited and applied first to costs and then to Plaintiff’s debt in the case of non-compliance. If the Plaintiff’s representative is not in attendance at the scheduled time of the sale, the sale shall be canceled and the property sold on some subsequent sales day after due advertisement. Should the last and highest bidder fail or refuse to make the required deposit at time of bid or comply with the other terms of the bid within thirty (30) days, then the Special Referee may re-sell the property on the same terms and conditions on some subsequent Sales Day (at the risk of the said highest bidder).

As a deficiency judgment is not being waived, the bidding will remain open thirty (30) days after the date of sale.

Purchaser to pay for preparation of deed, documentary stamps on the deed, and recording of the deed. The successful bidder will be required to pay interest on the amount of the bid from date of sale to date of compliance with the bid at the rate of 4.74% per annum. Subject to assessments, Pickens County taxes, easements, easements and restrictions of record, and other senior encumbrances.

R. Murray Hughes, III,

Special Referee for Pickens County

F. Lee Prickett, III – Holder,

Padgett, Littlejohn + Prickett, LLC,

1204 A E. Washington St.,

Greenville, SC 29601 (864) 335-8808

Mar. 9, 16, 23



The Pickens County Planning Commission will meet inregular session and conduct public hearings on Monday, April 11, 2016, at 6:30 the Main Conference Roomat the Pickens County Administration Facility, 222 McDaniel Avenue, Pickens, SC.

Prior to the regular meeting and public hearings, the Planning Commission will meet in a worksession at 6:00 p.m. in the same location.

The Planning Commission will hold public hearings on the following items:

1. SD-16-003Life Church, 10lotResidential Development located at 199 Thomas Mill Road, Easley.

TMS# 5131-02-97-2044

2. SD-16-004 Cliffs at Keowee Springs, Proposed 2 lot addition to an existing residential development. The proposed lots are located on Spring Cove Way within the Cliffs of Keowee Springs development, Sunset.

TMS#4130-00-74-6654 (p/o)

3. SDV-16-001 Wayne Hamlin requesting a variance from the Pickens County Development Standards regarding the division of property on a non-conforming private residential access defined as a Common Drive. Located on Harlow Drive, Liberty, SC.

TMS# 4096-00-84-8695

4. Proposed Text Amendments to the Unified Development Standards Ordinance, Ordinance # 415, as amended.

More information for each item is available in the Planning office in the Department of Community Development and is open for public inspection during regular business hours. If any member of the public requires special assistance please call 864-898-5956.

Mar. 23