Courier Letters to Editor 8-6-14

Why not look close to home to fill offices?

Dear Editor:

Now that I have retired, I have been paying attention more to the different paid officials we have in office, and also how proud we are supposed to be of our education system and how smart we are supposed to be after schooling.

We also have some pretty good colleges in the area, so what I’m getting at is this — why do we have to go out of state to get others to hold down highly paid positions in our communities? Do we not have employment problems too?

Is this starting a trend where we do away with elections and just go out of state and get others to tell us what to do?

I know for a fact I am not the brightest bulb in the package, but shouldn’t we have people here we could have enough trust in?

We used to have the locals in these positions. What happened? Have we gone brain-dead?

Maybe it is just me, and maybe I am the dumb one.

Troy Black