Courier Letters to the Editor 1-4-17

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On God’s Golden Shore

Dear Editor,

For those who lost loved ones in 2016 and are believers, this is for you.

Though we miss them, those we loved, so we too all must someday go. The hard part for them is over. Sadness is to only those of us they leave behind. While we grieve and cry, someday we’ll join them in the sky, never to part again on God’s Golden Shore, where there we’ll sing His praises together for evermore.

Life must go on even though we miss them so, and to cry shows our love for them we will truly meet again someday above. On God’s Golden Shore, On God’s Golden Shore! No more pain, no more worry, for all eternity forevermore. Looking forward to hugging them and rejoicing at that great homecoming in the sky. On God’s Golden Shore, On God’s Golden Shore! Death then conquered no longer can harm us anymore. On that great day of rejoicing in the sweet by and by in the sky. On God’s Golden Shore, On God’s Golden Shore!

Cry, for now it’s OK. Just know that someday He’ll wipe away all our tears and calm all our fears as through the Gates of Pearl we go. Seeing our loved ones again, for death is a new beginning not an end. No more sad goodbyes to say, instead happy hellos forevermore.

Prepare today to join them On God’s Golden Shore, where we’ll rejoice forevermore. On God’s Golden Shore, On God’s Golden Shore!

Eddie Boggs