Courier Letters to the Editor 10-11-17

Applauding The Courier

Dear Editor,

The Oct. 4 Pickens County Courier was really good, as usual.

Olivia Fowler’s article “Champagne days of fall” was excellent. It was a tear jerker — I was crying when I finished reading it. Go Olivia!

The letter to the editor by Alex Saitta about our local council spending money and not managing it was really important. He should have been elected for office. The sound advice he gives in his letters is brilliant and should be adhered to.

Also, Eddie Boggs’ letters are always good, giving honor and praise to God through the Lord Jesus Christ. His letter “Supernatural does exist” was very interesting. Yes, it does exist.

This month is Halloween, and Christians should not celebrate it because it’s about the devil, our enemy.

Also, I enjoy the weekly CryptoQuote. I only ask you to print it larger, if possible, to make it easier to solve.

Lastly, thank your for being pink this month for breast cancer awareness. Maybe it will save someone’s life.

Diane Finley