Courier Letters to the Editor 10-26-16

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Voter Fraud?

Dear Editor:

Donald Trump keeps saying the election is rigged against him. He insists there is rampant voter fraud across the nation sponsored by Clinton, the cities, the press, the Republican establishment and the Wall Street elite. Now suddenly South Carolina government officials say there is no fraud and there hasn’t been any fraud reported in our elections for years, especially true in past presidential elections.

Wait a minute! There’s no fraud? Then please explain all the hype by the governor and the Republican-controlled state government saying we had to pass new voter restriction laws to stop voter fraud. So in other words, we need these laws to stop non-existent voter fraud?

Does this not mean all the Republican-controlled states suddenly had to pass new voter restriction laws only to hurt minorities, students and non-Republican voting groups? Another amazing thing is these laws are cookie cutter laws found on the ALEC website. ALEC is the neo-conservative organization that supports voter restriction laws.

The founder of ALEC stated, “We must insure that only the right kind of people should vote.” In others words, people who support neo-conservative causes such as voter restriction, gerrymandering and other programs should be allowed to vote.

Per recent press stats, only 31 out of a billion votes have been found to be incorrect in past elections.

Glenda Allen



Thanks for honor

Dear Editor,

At halftime of the Pickens-Wren game on Oct. 14, the PHSAA graciously and very surprisingly presented me the Gene and Nora Hooper Fan Appreciation Award.

What a humbling honor! I want to express my sincere thanks to everyone involved for the recognition.

Those of us who were fortunate enough to have known the Hoopers are fully aware of their legacy of love, decency and unsurpassed loyalty to Blue Flame athletics.

Thanks again for such a meaningful award and all the kind comments I have received. Go Blue Flame!

Gary J. Monroe