Courier Letters to the Editor 11-29-23

Need for EMS stations

Dear Editor,

There are 9 EMS stations in Pickens County – 3 in Easley, 1 in Dacusville, Pickens, Holly Springs, Liberty, Central and Six Mile. Easley by far has the highest call volume. Often times when Easley’s 3 ambulances are out on calls or stuck in Greenville waiting for a bed to open up at the hospital, the Dacusville unit has to run down to Easley as back-up. Or the Pickens ambulance has to shift over toward Easley, and in turn Holly Springs’ unit has to come down to Pickens to plug that hole.

Lo and behold there is a call on Highway 11, then the Holly Springs unit has to back track up to Highway 11 or the Vineyards or River Bluff. This shifting that often

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