Courier Letters to the Editor 12-3-14

A shout out for Norris restaurant

Dear Editor,

Let’s give a shout out to Margaret’s Restaurant in Norris.

They made Thanksgiving dinner plates and delivered them to the shut-in people in the Norris community. Now, how cool is that?

Rebecca Wofford



Do you want more taxes?

Dear Editor,

If you don’t want higher taxes in Pickens County, you better speak up!

A group known as “Concerned Citizens of Pickens County” (CCPC) is trying to pull a fast one on you over the holiday season.

This could be a sufficient tax increase at a time when we are struggling to make ends meet.

According to a 2014 study by CATO Institute, the relationship between taxpayers spending more money on education and higher achievement by students does not exist!

Don’t let this group persuade the Pickens school board to raise your taxes.

I don’t know about you, but I am taxed enough already. Please contact your school board members — Phillip Bowers, Herbert Cooper, Judy Edwards, Alex Saitta, Brian Swords and Henry Wilson — and tell them to just say NO to higher taxes. The decision will be made Dec. 15, so call them now!

Johnnelle Raines

Board member, S.C. Parents Involved in Education