Courier Letters to the Editor 12-5-18

Council must exercise oversight

Dear Editor,

I am sure many have read about the school board race in Dacusville. On Tuesday, Nov. 8, about 3,450 votes were cast in the race, and Phil Healy got 20 more votes than Alice Hendricks Vander Linden.

Hendricks Vander Linden protested the election. The county election commission threw out the result, and it appears to be heading for a new election.

The voting machines were programmed incorrectly and had the wrong ballots on them in a total of eight precincts. Three of those precincts were in this Dacusville school board district (Crossroads, Nine Forks and Dacusville precincts).

While the machines were down, from 7 a.m. to about 9:30 a.m., voters

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