Courier Letters to the Editor 12-9-20

Horror and heartbreak of COVID-19

Dear Editor,

This came from the daughter of my brother with COVID on Nov. 4: “Daddy is now intubated, sedated, paralyzed, prone on his stomach. No visitation.”

He had been hospitalized for two weeks. Six days later, the phone call: “No hope. Lungs hardening. Family can come in for his last moments.”

This is the horror and heartbreak of COVID. No people anywhere would choose this for themselves. No caring people anywhere would choose this for anyone else.

Pickens County people are better than this. And you are plenty smart. I know. I taught about 3,000 of you back in the day, and you did very well in school.

For the sake of all, I plead with you to wear your masks and follow the other protocols. Your own life may depend upon it.

Bert Allison


Jesus is the reason for the season

Dear Editor,

Two thousand years ago, a child was born into this evil world that would give hope to all who will believe on him.

I’ve heard it said of Him that although He never had an army, kings feared Him. Had no servants, yet He was called master. Had no degree, yet they called Him teacher. Had no medicine, yet they called Him healer. Won no battles, yet conquered the world. Committed no crime, yet He was crucified. Buried in a tomb, yet lives today. Had no wife, yet they called Him the Bridegroom.

His name is light that even the shadows can’t deny. He only taught for three years, but His teachings have been around more than 2,000 years now. Many deny His existence, yet they still use His name in vain. No others’ names are used as curse words.

Of all groups on the Earth, His followers who are called after His title Christ — Christians — are the most hated and persecuted by the world. Hollywood truly hates His followers. Ever see a Christian in a major movie that isn’t portrayed as an idiot or bleary-eyed fanatic or straight-out hypocrite?

He taught tolerance instead of totalitarianism. Christmas is when we celebrate His birth. It should be spelled CHRISTmas, for He is why we should be celebrating. Many try to do away with Christmas, as with spelling Christmas as Xmas, yet no other holiday of any other beliefs is bothered. Why?

Is there anyone more criticized than He? No other spiritual leaders are persecuted as much. Once again, why? He died to set you free, yet most choose the slavery of selfishness. Me, myself and no one else. My kingdom come. My will be done. The truth is real, unlike a lie, which is fantasy and can be proven wrong. The truth will exist, even though all creation will cease to exist.

Jesus is whose birthday we celebrate at Christmas, and the truth is that He was and is the savior of the world. Just something to remember this Christmas.

Eddie Boggs



A gift that would keep on giving

Dear Editor,

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, I would like to suggest that everyone give a gift that would keep on giving to our street and sanitation workers — and it would not cost anyone a dime.

I am asking you to join in with your close-by neighbors and enter into a partnership to agree to put your trash on the curb at one house on trash pickup day. For instance, if there are three houses close, each residence could agree on a month to have the trash on the curb at their curb. This would mean that four months out of the year it would be picked up at your curb. This would really help in making their safety a priority.

I have seen the men having to run back and forth across a busy street carrying two or three bags to get back to the truck and almost get hit by a car. I am encouraging the city residents in Easley and other cities to make this a gift to our sanitation men and women, who — tirelessly, every day, no matter what the weather is — perform a service that we all are thankful for and benefit from.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to all.

J.B. Kelley