Courier Letters to the Editor

Looking for help finding bracelet

Dear Editor,

A month or so ago, my husband and I and some six other friends went to the Pickens High School fundraiser in the fine arts building at Pickens High School for Blue Flame athletics.

We stopped in Liberty to eat at Nino’s Greek and Italian Restaurant before heading up to listen to some bluegrass music.

I lost a very special yellow gold diamond tennis bracelet. I am just sick over this, and every time my husband plays one of the CDs he bought at the fundraiser, my heart just sinks.

I went over to the high school and Nino’s area and looked for it and have been in contact with the Pickens High School personnel, but no one has come forward with it.

I am offering a cash reward if the person that found it would return it to me. I am praying that whoever found it is wanting to return it to its rightful owner. You can contact the newspaper for my contact information.Thank you in advance.

Brenda Patterson