Courier Letters to the Editor

A state of confusion

Dear Editor,

I really liked the letter last week that Gladys Lewis Pace Corcoran wrote about our heritage, the Confederacy and the removal of the flag from the Statehouse. They were facts from our history and not fictional. Like she said, people need to break out the history books and get the facts instead of hearsay.

The second day after the talks started, Fox Carolina did a survey on what the public thought about the removal of the flag from the Statehouse. After it finished, 65 percent said to leave it, 33 percent said to take it down and 2 percent were undecided.

Then our supposed-to-be politicians we voted into office voted against the people’s choice in this area to take it down. Now, am I and a lot of other voters wrong for thinking they are supposed to vote with us and not against us? I thought it was for the people, with the people and by the people.

Now, I know the governor doesn’t know any better because she wasn’t born and raised here, so she could care less about our heritage.

One of the senators even thumped the Bible a little about love, but it wasn’t about love or hate. That was all about one idiot who had been planning such an act for quite a while, along with the system failing and letting him buy a gun.

The people of this county and state better get off their duffs and get some laws changed where if these senators and congressmen go against the people, they can be kicked out without an election. Get out, people, and vote them out of office. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it is easy.

Then there are these stores that refuse to even sell that flag anymore. They still sell rolling papers for dope, wine and beer and a lot of other stuff to break the law with. It’s getting to where they are saying what you can and cannot have in a free country. That is communism.

Then there is the NAACP, which was just looking for another excuse to jump in and make things worse. It was bad enough that the nine people died, but they need another excuse for another uprising. That brought out the white-sheet people to make things even worse.

You know, the Indians were the true Americans, and because of their uprisings they were put on reservations.

Now the NAACP wants the name changed on a school in the Upstate that also had nothing to do with what happened in Charleston either. If they can get our politicians to vote with them on that, then what is their next project? We already know they are not going to stop.

Do we need to start getting a lot of reservations ready?

I am just confused!

Troy Black