Courier Letters to the Editor 3-23-22

On Lillian Boatwright

Dear Editor,

Lillian Boatwright was not reappointed by four of the six state legislators on the Pickens Election Board. She took the opportunity to whine profusely on social media and in the newspaper.

Lillian lost this position because her social media posts describe her perfectly: She is in favor of destruction of society — either through the anarchistic and anti-human BLM organization, woke ideologies of rampant racism, the breathtaking position that people should not think for themselves or erasing history by tearing down statues. She has promoted the lie that absentee voting is the same as vote by mail. Her posts are frequently filled with sickening wokeness and never retracted: whether she is promoting the mask policy, which has been well known since it was introduced to be almost completely ineffective, or, for the BLM. She may have been part of the roughly 75 percent of the people that polls show rooted for this organization as of July 2021. People were duped without ever checking the BLM website, which said they were trying to eliminate the nuclear family — the fundamental cornerstone to society on the planet. Within five months after witnessing the anarchy and destruction that BLM produced, it fell out of favor to less than 10 percent.

According to woke individuals, believing they are gods and in charge of truth, I am a hater, a bigot, deplorable, Islamophobic, homophobic, neanderthal and transphobic.  While none of this has anything to do with reality, those pushing these divisive labels are in fact minions of evil — they are not “social justice warriors” or any other contrived name. America is not rife with racism — as all data shows. Media can find a racist and run that up the flagpole, or a bigot or a hater or a killer or a thief — but these headlines do not define America. America’s problems will end only when we get back to its roots — based in God — and recognize that absolute truth exists, and it comes only from God.  I have and will continue to pray for Lillian — and others — that the Holy Spirit might infect them to change their ways.

While the facts and truth of this may seem harsh, they are far less harsh than the derisive, condescending, prideful and discriminatory words in print and social media by Lillian … and she should be a nonpartisan person on the elections board! No. Period.


Luke Campbell