Courier Letter’s to the Editor

The truth

Dear Editor,

We all must face many hard things in this world we live in. Two of the hardest to face are the truth and death. We all must someday face both. Everyone dreads death, however the truth is the hardest to face. You can run from it, but you cannot hide. You can bury it, however deep matters not, for someday it will surface.

8-3 Page 4A.inddIt will remain when all of creation is gone, for it is eternal and never changing. The truth cannot be bought nor sold, for it has no price put on it. When facing people with it, they will become angry and possibly kill you simply for showing them.

There is a reason the truth is called bitter yet a lie so sweet. The truth — so small a word yet so mighty — has destroyed many a person in history. In life, everything has two sides. When you talk only one side and ignore the other, you are not on the side of the truth. It shows weakness.

People need to hear both sides to make an honest, balanced decision. So many only want their side told, which makes them look all-knowing and powerful. I’ll consider taking the part of the silenced party when this happens.

Evil runs from the truth. I’ve always heard it said, “for lo the evil flee when no man pursue.” I wonder why? What an awful place our world would be if the truth didn’t exist. You could not believe anything, for all would be a lie. Chaos would be constant. No rest for the weary if not for the truth. Our world could never survive if not for this small word called the truth.

P.S. It would be great if politicians and their supporters got to know it better truly. John 8:32.

Eddie Boggs


Heartening interaction with Clark

Dear Editor,

An incident happened to me the other day which was quite disturbing and also touched my heart.

I’m an 80-year-old disable woman who takes a walk early morning in my driveway and across the road to the mailbox. I use oxygen and rollator.

The traffic was really bad, and I had a hard time getting across. I finally got across to mail my cards, but then the traffic was worse than earlier. Every time I tried to cross, a car would come over the hill and I would back up.

I finally got across to my driveway and thanked the Lord and got up to my ramp when the sheriff of Pickens County, Rick Clark, pulled up and got out. He asked me if I was OK and said he was concerned when he saw me trying to get across the road. He turned around and came back to check on me.

That touched my heart, because all you hear now is bad things about the police, but you don’t hear the good. That’s why I’m telling this — because I am grateful for our police and thank them for their protection and what they do every day in our community.

P.S. Needless to say, I’m changing my walking schedule!

Dena Young


Clarifying earlier letter

Dear Editor,

I sent a letter to the editor on or about Aug. 10. The last paragraph made a remark that some people swell with pride when they send a backpack of food home with an underprivileged child. I continued that every time teachers and administrators get a raise, the parents of these kids are pushed deeper into poverty. It’s true that tax revenue pays for raises within the district.

My mouth keeps me in trouble. When I was on the school board, we voted to allow Feed a Hungry Child to come into the schools and supply these backpacks of food. The food is supplied by Golden Harvest. There is absolutely no cost to the school district. This organization is currently helping to feed around 600 hungry kids in the county. I never meant for anyone to think that I meant that this organization had anything to do with all the numerous raises given to teachers and staff. The school board, and only the school board, did that. That is, all except Alex Saitta, and I applaud him for not spending every cent of the budget for raises.

Feed a Hungry Child has a wonderful heart and purpose. They and many other charitable organizations in this county provide food, clothing and services to those who cannot afford those things. When I ran for the school board, I went door to door and was totally surprised by how many people in Pickens County live in poverty. There are kids who eat at school on Friday and don’t eat again until Monday at school. My deepest apology to all of you who donate your time and money to those who need you. I wish I could be as selfless. Thank you, Feed a Hungry Child, and thanks to those of you in the school system who make sure hungry kids have food for the weekend. Next time I’m writing, I’ll try to think at the same time.

Jimmy Gillespie