Courier Letters to the Editor 4-13-16

Doodle Trail a bust in Easley area

Dear Editor,
I am enchanted that the Doodle Trail in Pickens has sparked a revival of the city regarding restaurants, events and entertainment at the trail’s end in that area.
Regarding Easley, however, the Doodle Trail is a bust. The trail ends in an underdeveloped, dicey area of the city, lacking facilities, inviting restaurants, etc.
Poor planning is evident in that the trail should have, somehow, ended in a more inviting area, which could have sparked Easley’s sorely needed revival.
Considering the overall sprawl of Easley on U.S. Highway 123, downtown Easley is a ghost town of uninhabited buildings, with the glaring unoccupied Doodle Station as its centerpoint.
Faded storefront signs and vacant shops within feet of the Town Hall is an embarrassment!
Considering that Easley is the largest city in Pickens County, where is the impetus to put it on the map, or should I say, the Doodle Trail?!

Carol Milardo Floriani

Another reason to go to church

Dear Editor,
Last week a gentleman from Westminster wrote a letter explaining why some people go to church. He mentioned such things as going to find a date, going for a big dinner, going to show off a child, etc.
It appears to me that he left off one of the biggest reasons some people go to church.
Some people apparently go to church so they will be qualified to pass judgement on others and hold themselves above those whose motives they judge.
I, for one, prefer a church where I am welcomed without my motives and reasons being judged by the congregation.

Ron Jones