Courier Letters to the Editor 4-6-22

Congrats to Ron Barnett

Dear Editor,

Ron Barnett, congratulations on your award from the South Carolina Press Association for your excellent article “The hand of God,” concerning the C-119 Flying Boxcar aircraft that crashed in Liberty on February 1960 with no major damage and no injuries.

A great article, and it was fun working with you on the background for the article.


Dean Thomas



On Sunday alcohol sales

Dear Editor,

I find it very interesting that for all these years Pickens County has gotten along just fine for there to not be alcohol sales on the Lord’s day, and now this county council wants to put it to a referendum?

They always say … follow the money.

The Bible also says the love of money is the root of all evil.

Do you think God will bless Pickens County for increasing the amount of hours and opportunity for people to drive drunk?

Councilman Roy Costner, in his interview with WSPA channel 7, said it’s just not fair that in the city people can buy from businesses, but businesses out in the county can’t sell it.

So it’s an equity issue?

My momma always said “just because somebody else is doing it … doesn’t make it right.”

I’m all for people voting for what’s right.

But you have to wonder if this is all about being “fair” … or is there another agenda?


Johnnelle Raines



Looking for that special someone

Dear Editor,

When it come to relationships, it seems that things can get rough sometimes. Even in a good relationship, things can go awry more often than not.

Ever heard of double trouble? You have your problems when you enter into a relationship, however what is overlooked is so does that person you’re getting involved with. Let that sink in.

You will never find a perfect person, no matter how long you look, no matter where you look. It comes down to how much you are willing to put up with and how much they are as well. Life has always been about taking chances. If you don’t take a chance, you will never know. It is better to try and fail than to never try and spend the rest of your life wondering what might have been.

I leave you with this — hopefully if you’re alone and looking for that special someone, you get a good person. And if so, return the love and respect you find in that special someone, for today it is extremely rare.

You are you and I am me, although neither of the two of us are alike, one day truly one we hopefully will be. However, two as one can disagree and still a couple be. Each the other one builds up, you see. No greater relation than that which can  think independently. As two hearts can be one and still be free, so we too be. Still I respect you and you respect me living in love’s perfect harmony. As one, two can truly be. Burdens halved when two become one as we. Keep the flames of love burning as one through all of life and through all of eternity. In happiness or health, if tormentors come side by side, two as one we should always be. Yet you always you and me always me. Without each other, we nothing would be. You set my heart free, and I yours too, you see. It is as it is and always shall be as our hearts yearn it to be. For you are you and I am me.

Two hearts together as one through all of life and hopefully all of eternity we shall be.


Eddie Boggs