Courier Letters to the Editor

Automated answering systems

Dear Editor,

Anyone out there hate those things companies have these days known as automated answering systems that tell you what to do to get through to speak to a human? I don’t. Actually, I throughly despise them!

You just call with a question and end up feeling like you would have done far better to have dropped by and talked in person. So many questions before you get to speak to someone. It’s extremely aggravating!

I once tried for two days to get through to ask a little bitty simple question. I finally had to get a friend to use a high-tech super computer to get through. Even that took more than 20 minutes. I’d bet it would be easier to break into Fort Knox than to get through on one of these demonic things!

I once got a message on my voicemail to call a business I deal with. Yes, of course I got one of these systems. Took 20 minutes to get through. Not so bad. Well, maybe not. I was put on hold for 10 minutes to go with the 20 I’d already spent trying to get through. Bad enough not knowing what problem or problems I might have had, but then I had to listen to mind-numbing music waiting to talk to a human. Turned out it was about wanting to know if I needed more of what they sold!

When you get these automated answering systems on the phone line, they ask so many questions that it seems like you’re taking a college entrance exam. All in the world I want is to speak to a human being. Not too much to ask for, is it? At least they will communicate with you.

It would be a good way to get enemy spies to talk, I’d bet. “You tell us, Bullnip, what we want to know or we’ll hook you up with an automated answering system. Then you’ll talk.”

I can just hear it now — Bullnip screaming, “nooo, not that, not one of those automated answering systems! Water board, electrical shock — anything but an automated answering system!”

Does anyone else hope these infernal systems will be thrown into the deepest, darkest, hottest pits of hell come judgment day? I do. So how’s your week so far?

Eddie Boggs


Addressing a range of letter topics

Dear Editor,

Recently I went to the Pickens CVS store. I told the kind, Christian lady cashier that I liked her bracelet. I thought nothing of it until I got home and noticed the bracelet was in my bag. I thought she accidentally left it in there. Then I noticed a note that said, “With love from Jesus.” I thought that was so swwet and kind that I was moved to tears. I put it on and am still wearing it. It reminds me that kind people are in Pickens and why I love living here. That was such a sweet and very rare selfless act for these days. I felt so blessed, and the next day I went back to the store and told the manager and cashier and told them to thank her.

If you have setbacks in life, move on and trust God — life is good. If somebody needs help, help them. One day you might need someone’s help. In life, stuff happens. Remember, this too shall pass. Try to please God in everything you think, say and do.

Remember, don’t leave your kids in your hot car. Leave your purse or your left shoe in the backseat so that you don’t forget them. You’ll be glad you did.

The three people who usually write letters to the editor, especially Alex Saitta, make a lot of sense. We should follow his suggestions.

We should outlaw football at the middle and high school level because of concussions and injuries. I’ve heard that in the first high school game that Easley High School ever played, someone died. Every tackle causes traumatic brain injury. Kids that young don’t have the good judgment to know better than to play this life-damaging sport. I have two brothers who had life-changing injuries playing football. They suffered concussions and knee damage. Was it worth it? Of course not. I did not let my son play, but he didn’t want to anyway. As parents, we need to make wise decisions for our children.

Diane Finley