Courier Letters to the Editor

Unanswered questions

Dear Editor,

This whole COVID-19 thing for me has left a few unanswered questions.

First of all, on the subject of masks, the initial official word was we did not need to wear masks. This from Dr. Fauci. Surgeon General Jerome Adams was asking us not to use masks so the health care workers would not run out of them. I also have read that if one is healthy, a mask is not needed. Inconsistent recommendations from the CDC and WHO. So, is there a scientific basis for this mask-wearing hysteria? I’ve found on the CDC website on a May 2020 article the following:

“Face Masks

“In our systematic review, we identified 10 (randomized controlled trials) that reported estimates of the effectiveness of face masks in reducing laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections in the community from literature published during 1946-July 27, 2018. In pooled analysis, we found no significant reduction in influenza transmission with the use of face masks (RR 0.78, 95% CI 0.51–1.20; I2 = 30%, p = 0.25).”

I also found an article published by Denis G. Rancourt, Ph.D. in April 2020, titled “Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy.”

Look it up. Don’t use Google.

Even if there are some randomized controlled trials (RCTs) that show there is a positive effect from wearing a mask, that still leaves us with conflicting studies. So, who do we trust?

Another question I have is how accurate are these COVID-19 tests? There seems to be no consistent level of accuracy there, either. Are those people who test positive also asked if they wear a mask? That would be good data to have, I would think.

Also, nobody is mentioning what we could be doing to improve our chances of resisting this virus, although there are strategies everyone could be doing to help ward it off. Especially for those nursing home residents. It is criminal that certain supplements have not been part of the protocol to enhance our immune systems. I wonder why?

And what treatments are being given to those who have been hospitalized? We’ve all heard about the HCQ/Zinc treatment, which was and is proven to be effective. What was the real reason for the FDA to pull that off their approval list? There are other non-pharmaceutical protocols that are effective and are not being utilized. I would think that all treatment options should be on the table in a situation like we have now. Again, the FDA seems to not think so.

One other thing that is not being mentioned regarding masks is how it affects the oxygen content with the exhaled carbon dioxide. I’ve seen a simple test using an O2/CO2 analyzer where the O2 level drops below 19.5 percent. OSHA has set 19.5 percent as the low safe level below which one becomes oxygen deficient, which poses an immediate risk to life and health.

So let’s keep masks on all the kids going back to school.

Dick McWay