Courier Letters to the Editor 6-17-20

Give them a gift greater than money

Dear Editor,

A number of years ago I heard about a prison with 1,500 inmates that told them for Mother’s Day they would give them a card to send their mothers. All they had to do was give them their names and they’d buy one and mail it for them free. The demand was so great that they had to reorder. The cards were sent, and Mother’s Day was a success.

The next month was Father’s Day, and the same offer was made. Not one request for a card.

Men who have children need to take time to be with their child or children. No guarantee they’ll grow up to be model citizens, but at least you tried. Mark Twain said of his father that when he was 14 “I thought my old man,” as he called him, “was the dumbest person alive.” He went on to say when he turned 21, it was amazing how much that old boy had learned in seven short years. True of growing up.

Children seem to think the world came into existence just before they were born. Children need to be made to mind, but al;owed to grow into their own person. The Bible says provoke not your children to wrath. Being overbearing can easily drive children away.

A child is half of you and another. If you hate your child, then you hate yourself and the other parent. Nothing better than to see your children grow up to become good citizens. To hear them say how proud they are to have you as their father.

Give your children a gift greater than money. Give them your time and your love. It won’t be wasted, for you’ve done your best. Happy Father’s Day.

Eddie Boggs


Fresh new voice in local politics

Dear Editor,

I’m writing to say that I’m excited that there’s a fresh new voice in local politics. Eunice Lehmacher, a longtime Clemson resident, has thrown her hat in the ring for S.C. House District 3. She is a long overdue breath of fresh air to address many of the problems that are facing our district and the state.

Eunice has a long record of public service as a social worker, school teacher and counselor. And the topics that she’s concerned about are shared by so many of us.

Having been a high school math and science teacher, she understands the pressures that our school systems are facing. If elected, Eunice would prioritize educational funding, encourage public/private partnership for job training, decrease class sizes and increase teacher salaries as a way to keep our best teachers teaching.

She would also work to improve access to broadband and internet so that all students can learn, and improve educational opportunities for inmates, as well as employees who’ve been laid off and need job retraining.

More than ever, in these uncertain times, we need to prepare our students so that they’re able to compete in the workplace. That’s going to require our politicians thinking outside the box, and Eunice will be the person to do just that.

Kate Byrd