Courier Letters to the Editor 6-5-19

Suggesting a Hagood Mill solution

Dear Editor,

I am very upset, like a lot of people, that the director of Hagood Mill was fired! He obviously needs to be rehired.

I trust Betty McDaniel’s judgment, and when she resigned, I knew this shouldn’t have happened. I trust Danielle Yother and Dean Watson’s judgment as well.

That being said, I have an obvious single solution to this financial problem. They should charge a fee of admission of $5-$10 to the mill on their Saturday events, with children 12 and under being free. This way the people benefitting from the events will be paying for it.

As Olivia Fowler said, a nonprofit group is not expected to be profitable. If all else fails, add a 1 cent sales tax in Pickens County to pay for it. Also, groups like Blue Ridge Electric that raise money for charity can pay for the mill as well.

Diane Finley


Ungrateful  school board?

Dear Editor,

As a retired first grade teacher with a master’s degree in early childhood education and 29 years under my belt teaching, as well as

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