Courier Letters to the Editor 6-8-16

Playing the judgment card

Dear Editor,

When someone is told the truth about something they are guilty of, they sometimes will counter with, “Don’t judge me!”

I call this playing the judgment card. All that has been done is the truth has been shared with them, and obviously they can’t face it. Telling the truth is not passing judgment.

Passing judgment to my understanding would be something like oh, say, a ragged man walked in and you say, “look at that bum.” For all you know, he could be a millionaire. That’s passing judgment, because you are giving a personal opinion not the truth.

The truth will stand when the world is on fire. In other words, should the world come to an end or the universe as well, still the truth would remain for all of eternity. Truth is reality, unlike a lie, which is something that never has or ever will be.

The truth isn’t called bitter or said to hurt for nothing, while a lie is called sweet.

When faced with the truth, own up to it or not, the truth won’t change even if stood up at the gates of Hell. Don’t be playing the judgment card — you’ll lose every time.

Eddie Boggs