Courier Letters to the Editor 7-10-19

Suggestion to help with landing theft

Dear Editor,

Recently, the boat launch at Fall Creek on Lake Keowee has had three tow vehicles broken into and their contents stolen in broad daylight in the middle of the afternoon.

With digital cameras available from Amazon for a mere $65, I would love to see Duke Energy invest in these at all their boat ramp parking lots.

Just one rear-facing camera at each entrance would record the license plates of all vehicles entering the lots and if someone gets broken into, at least the law enforcement investigators will have something to go on.

Knowing occupants could be out on the lake for hours, it gives the thieves a clear window of opportunity to take what was never theirs and ruin a beautiful day on the water for those enjoying what the fabulous Upstate lakes have to offer.

Joe Acampora


A thank you from author of Earle book

Dear Editor,

I want to express public appreciation for the coverage you gave Tom Cloer’s four-part review of my book on the 1947 lynching of Willie Earle. He was much too generous in his assessment and too uncritical about what I wrote.

As I approach 80 next month, to receive such a response in my hometown’s weekly paper is overwhelming. My interest in history comes from my father Marvin and from Miss Lucille Hallum, who taught us: “We are what we are because we have been what we

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