Courier Letters to the Editor

Thank you to Richland

Dear Editor,

As a lifelong resident of Pickens County, I’d like to extend a thank you to the Richland County Council.

If I lived in Richland County, I would be upset, but as a resident of Pickens County, I couldn’t be more happy the Richland County Council decided to put misguided politics ahead of people.

We in Pickens County welcome FN America to Liberty with open arms and are excited for the 176 new jobs and $33 million investment they

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will bring to our community.

It’s unfortunate some of our neighbors in Richland either think we as citizens don’t have a right to purchase firearms for self-defense or that manufacturers are fully responsible for how their products are used. I wonder if they also want to blame Sleep Number for a bad night’s sleep or hold the Ritedose Corporation liable for doctor mistakes?

As for myself, I am not only happy for the new job opportunities, but also to add a manufacturer locally who provides an important tool to law enforcement, the military and citizens alike.


Clay Counts