Courier Letters to the Editor 8-29-18

Hidden gem in Rocky Bottom

Dear Editor,

I moved to the Carolinas from Upstate New York about 20 years ago. I then moved to Rocky Bottom in Sunset around 16 years ago. I fell in love with the people and the landscape of the area. I do remodeling and maintenance work around the Upstate, and I have been asked to do some minor repairs to the Rocky Bottom Camp of the Blind.

It seems that the people of this state and even those of Pickens County don’t know about this gem of a place at the bottom of South Carolina’s tallest mountain, Sassafrass Mountain. It includes activities such as miniature golf, basketball, volleyball, hiking, a swimming pool and more. The blind children and adults from South Carolina enjoy all these activities with the aid of beepers, bells and such on the balls or holes at the miniature golf course.

From what I understand, a lot of the money that they had raised through fundraising was lost at an investment firm in Pickens, where I heard a lot of other people took big losses.

A lot of church groups, children and adults come for week-long stays. It

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