Courier Letters to the Editor 8-4-21

Coincidence or divine intervention?

Dear Editor,
Are coincidences real? On March 1, 1950, in Beatrice, Neb., the local Baptist church had choir practice on Wednesday at 7:20 p.m. On that day, the members of the church who sang in the choir were all late for various reasons. The preacher went by that afternoon to light the furnace.
Most members would have arrived at 7:15. At 7:10, the preacher’s daughter’s dress was soiled and had to have her mother iron another. A teenage girl who sang in the choir had a difficult geometry problem she couldn’t solve. A member whose car refused to start called her to ride with her, but had to wait until she finished the problem. Yet another had a car that refused to start. One woman in the choir had to help her mother get ready for a mission meeting. Another had to write a letter that had been put off. A phone conversation that carried on longer than realized also caused a late departure.

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