Courier Letters to the Editor

Applauding Sheriff Clark

Dear Editor,

An article regarding the actions of Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark and published as a letter to the editor appeared in the Dec. 11 issue of your newspaper. Please allow me to comment.

The writer should know that a presidential proclamation does not have the force of law in the United States. To have the force of law it would require an act of the U.S. Congress. The proclamation of President Obama regarding flying the U.S. flag at half-mast to mourn the death of Nelson Mandela was a symbolic proclamation having no legal foundation.

The writer of the aforementioned letter addressed the motive of our sheriff and alluded to past acts within our county and nationally as being racially motivated and associated the act of Sheriff Clark with such racial tainting.

To condemn the motives of Sheriff Clark in such a manner is without merit and unsavory. The action of our sheriff in this matter was well within his legal, civil and moral prerogative. He stated his reasons clearly, and it did not involve anything remotely resembling “prejudice, backwoods defiance and ignorance of social progress.” Such an allusion is a personal attack upon Sheriff Clark’s character and by normal civilized standards calls for a written apology by said writer.

The writer also says that Sheriff Clark’s action “flies in the face of historic precedent.” This is true, but I would remind the writer that the birth of the United States and our constitution also fly in the face of historic precedent. Rebellion against tyranny is part and parcel of our American national character. Historic precedents are not law, neither do they carry the authority of Scripture, and such precedents are not always morally acceptable examples for us to follow. The writer’s argument is without merit.

The writer, according to the Courier, hails from Seneca but he professes “sensitivity” toward Pickens County. The actions of Sheriff Clark will not, in my opinion, adversely affect Pickens County. Perhaps the writer should be more sensitive toward Oconee County and less so toward Pickens County.

I applaud Sheriff Clark for his historic stand which was vintage American. He is a good Christian man doing a tough and often thankless job. May our Lord Jesus Christ give him grace, strength and mercy and establish his ways.

Le Roy Caudell


Standing  behind Clark

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter to the editor in the Dec. 11 Courier, we need more public servants like Rick Clark.

We have way too many elected officials who shift around like a flag waving in the wind, responding to polls and “political correctness.”

Rick Clark has stood up for what he believes is right. Personally, I agree with him. I’m very proud of the heritage of South Carolina and Pickens County.

I feel that the writer of last week’s column is wrong on most all points. If you do not want to live in a state of “backwoods defiance and ignorance,” MOVE! PLEASE!

Doug Tinsley