Courier Notice to Creditors 2-26-20

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All persons having claims against the following estates MUST file their claims on Form #371ES with the Probate Court of PICKENS COUNTY, the address of which is 222 MCDANIEL AVE., B-16 PICKENS, SC 29671, within eight (8) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors or within one (1) year from date of death, whichever is earlier (SCPC 62-3-801, et seq.), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements on the prescribed form (FORM #371ES) indicating the name and address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed, the date when the claim will become due, the nature of any uncertainty as to the claim, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: Brittany Lyn Delgado

Date of Death: 12/8/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900075

Personal Representative: Renee J. Mellace

Address: 301 Huntington Road

Easley, SC 29642

Attorney: David M. Yokel

Address: Post Office Box 10453,

Greenville, SC 29603

Feb. 12, 19, 26

Estate: Edward Arlo Long

Date of Death: 12/24/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900076

Personal Representative: Marian L. Benton

Address: 113 Knight Circle,

Clemson, SC 29631

Attorney: Corinne B. Cannon

Address: Post Office Box 629,

Clemson, SC 29633

Feb. 12, 19, 26

Estate: Johnny Foster Holcombe

Date of Death: 08/23/2019

Case Number: 2019ES3900707-2

Personal Representative:

Patricia L. Holcombe

Address: 107 Mary Ann Street,

Easley, SC 29640

Attorney: Daniel E. Hunt

Address: Post Office Box 887,

Easley, SC 29641

Feb. 12, 19, 26

Estate: Pauline E. Gardner Kinsey

Date of Death: 12/19/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900083

Personal Representative: Jean A. Kuhn

Address: 10009 Bayview Court,

Seneca, SC 29672

Attorney: William K. Hubbard

Address: 1510 Blue Ridge Blvd., Ste. 205

Seneca, SC 29672

Feb. 12, 19, 26

Estate: Lounelle Nealy Simmons

AKA Lounell N. Simmons

Date of Death: 01/04/2020

Case Number: 2020ES3900089

Personal Representative: Judith Rivers

Address: 190 Windtree Ridge,

Pickens, SC 29671

Attorney: Adam B. Lambert

Address: Post Office Box 9,

Pickens, SC 29671

Feb. 12, 19, 26

Estate: Ada Jane Holcomb Short

Date of Death: 12/11/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900104

Personal Representative: Luke Short

1319 Norris Hwy.

Central, SC 29630

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11

Estate: Marion Theodore Entrkin

Date of Death: 11/22/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900105

Personal Representative:

Janet Sue E. Jameson

208A 9th Street, N,

Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250

Attorney: Thomas D. Kilpatrick

2512 Devine St.,

Columbia, SC 29205

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11

Estate: Ruby Christine Nabors

Date of Death: 01/19/2020

Case Number: 2020ES3900116

Personal Representative:

Michael G. Esuary

1806 Brushy Creek Rd.

Easley, SC 29642

Attorney: James M, Robinson

P.0. Box 738,

Easley, SC 29641

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11

Estate: Bobby Eugene Gilliland

Date of Death: 01/01/2020

Case Number: 2020ES3900085

Personal Representative:

Claire Gilliland Campbell

2015 Pellyn Wood Drive,

Charlotte, NC 28226

Attorney: John J. Stathakis

121 West Benson Street,

Anderson, SC 29624

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11

Estate: Glenn Stanley Vaughn

Date of Death: 12/20/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900101

Personal Representative:

Cynthia L. Vaughn

258 Love and Care Rd.

Six Mile, SC 29682

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11

Estate: Jeanette McCall Crawford Turner

Date of Death: 01/07/2020

Case Number: 2020ES3900065

Personal Representative:

Susan Annette Hanley

109 Ladd Lane,

Pickens, SC 29671

Attorney: Steven Alexander

Post Office Box 618

Pickens, SC 29671

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11

Estate: Lucy Eleanor Boozer Harward

Date of Death: 10/15/2019

Case Number: 2020ES3900086

Personal Representative:

Eston Dale Harward

130 Hayday Drive

Pickens, SC 29671

Feb. 26, Mar. 4, 11