Courier Notice to Creditors 4-13-16

The publisher shall only be liable for an amount less than or equal to the charge for the space of the item in error in the case of errors in or omissions from any advertisement, and only for the first incorrect insertion.
All persons having claims against the following estates MUST file their claims on Form #371ES with the Probate Court of PICKENS COUNTY, the address of which is 222 MCDANIEL AVE., B-16 PICKENS, SC 29671, within eight (8) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors or within one (1) year from date of death, whichever is earlier (SCPC 62-3-801, et seq.), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements on the prescribed form (FORM #371ES) indicating the name and address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed, the date when the claim will become due, the nature of any uncertainty as to the claim, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: Georgia Campbell Huff
Date of Death: 08/17/2015
Case Number: 2015ES3900570
Personal Representative: Jayne Wright
Address: 201 Whitten Street
Easley, SC 29640
Attorney: James E. Sterling
Address: Post Office Box 1207
Easley, SC 29641
March 30, April 6, 13
Estate: Anna Mae Giles Severini
Date of Death: 08/04/2015
Case Number: 2015ES3900824
Personal Representative:
Anna Marie Godfrey
Address: 227 Edgewood Dr.
Mauldin, SC 29662
Attorney: W. Cory Hughes
Address: Post Office Box 9686
Greenville, SC 29604
April 6, 13, 20
Estate: Hal Boyd Kelly
Date of Death: 01/31/2016
Case Number: 2016ES3900104
Personal Representative: Gennis S. Kelly
Address: 519 Powdermill Road
Central, SC 29630
April 6, 13, 20

Estate: Janice Lenora Brown Tydings
Date of Death: 01/13/2016
Case Number: 2016ES3900174
Personal Representative:
William R. Tydings
Address: 100 League St.
Easley, SC 29640
April 6, 13, 20

Estate: Tessa Louise Roddy Andrasik
Date of Death: 12/24/2015
Case Number: 2016ES3900235
Personal Representative:
William Andrasik
Address: 105 Shady Oak St.
Easley, SC 29642
Attorney: J. Christopher Pracht
Address: Post Office Box 4025
Anderson, SC 29622
April 13, 20, 27

Estate: Myles Stuart Wallace
Date of Death: 03/22/2016
Case Number: 2016ES3900253
Personal Representative:
Susan Ulmer Wallace
Address: 315 Princess Grace Ave.
Clemson, SC 29631
Attorney: Corinne B. Cannon
Address: Post Office Box 629
Clemson, SC 29633
April 13, 20, 27
Estate: James David Whitmire
Date of Death: 11/18/2015
Case Number: 2015ES3900795
Personal Representative:
Jefferson Bedford Whitmire
Address: 204 Goodwin Road
Travelers Rest, SC 29690
April 13, 20, 27
Estate: Alphurd Clyde Waldrop
Date of Death: 02/23/2016
Case Number: 2016ES3900159-2
Personal Representative:
Kim-Hoa Waldrop
Address: 761 Hester Store Rd.
Easley, SC 29640
April 13, 20, 27