Courier Notice to Creditors 9-13-23

All persons having claims against the following estates MUST file their claims on Form #371ES with the Probate Court of PICKENS COUNTY, the address of which is 222 MCDANIEL AVE., B-16 PICKENS, SC 29671, within eight (8) months after the date of the first publication of this Notice to Creditors or within one (1) year from date of death, whichever is earlier (SCPC 62-3-801, et seq.), or such persons shall be forever barred as to their claims. All claims are required to be presented in written statements on the prescribed form (FORM #371ES) indicating the name and address of the claimant, the basis of the claim, the amount claimed, the date when the claim will become due, the nature of any uncertainty as to the claim, and a description of any security as to the claim.

Estate: Kellie Gillespie Black
Date of Death: 5/30/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900716
Personal Representative:
Timothy Scott Black
Address: 114 Hunter Mill Road,
Liberty, SC 29657
Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13

Estate: William Fred Koontz
Date of Death: 07/14/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900646
Personal Representative:
Patricia E. Koontz
Address: 103 Pine Forest Court,
Easley, SC 29640
Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13

Estate: Christopher Anthony James
Date of Death: 6/26/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900704
Personal Representative:
Rodger Franks James
Address: 204 Lacy Lane,
Easley, SC 29640
Aug. 30, Sept. 6, 13

Estate: John Parker Haskett, Jr.
Date of Death: 7/17/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900659
Personal Representative:
John Shannon Haskett
Address: 115 Florence Street,
Pickens, SC 29671
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Vernon Glen Clark
Date of Death: 08/06/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900676
Personal Representative:
Glenna D. Daugherty
Address: 185 Left Fork Rd.,
Pickens, SC 29671
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Lula Black Camp
Date of Death: 6/2/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900734
Personal Representative: Judith C. Camp
Address: 202 Pleasant Drive,
Easley, SC 29642
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Donald Earle Turk
Date of Death: 5/5/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900675
Personal Representative: Linda Mayes
Address: 227 Sandy Springs Place,
Suite D#125, Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Attorney: Julie M. Collins
Address: Post Office Box 25726,
Greenville, SC 29616
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Susan Ann Snyder
Date of Death: 6/16/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900735
Personal Representative:
Steven L. Alexander
Address: Post Office Box 618,
Pickens, SC 29671
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Edna Katherine Styles
Date of Death: 08/03/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900665
Personal Representative: Roberta James
Address: 204 Grandy Street,
Greenville, SC 29607
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Nedra June Gardner
Date of Death: 7/15/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900669
Personal Representative: Marsha Sexton
Address: 135 Poore Rd.,
Piedmont, SC 29673
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Jackson Sherman Shook
Date of Death: 7/30/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900657
Personal Representative:
Sheila Carol Shook
Address: 128 Crestwood Ct.,
Easley, SC 29640
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Sandra Denise Woods
Date of Death: 04/04/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900744
Personal Representative: Justin Woods
Address: 1546 Maw Bridge Rd.,
Central, SC 29630
Sept. 13, 20, 27

Estate: Martha Young Howard
Date of Death: 6/28/2023
Case Number: 2023ES3900658
Personal Representative:
Jeri Page Bradley
Address: 105 Ballentine Rd.,
Easley, SC 29642
Attorney: Daniel E. Hunt
Address: P.O. Box 887,
Easley, SC 29641
Sept. 13, 20, 27