Courier Trespass Notices 10-15-14

In the state of South Carolina, trespass after notice is a misdemeanor criminal offense prohibited by section 16-11-620 for the South Carolina Code.
Those who enter upon the lands of others without the permission of the owner or manager shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor trespassing.
All persons are hereby notified and warned not to hunt, fish, cut timber or trespass in any manner whatsoever upon the lands of the undersigned:

Harold Caddell Oct. 2014
Mickey & Savannah Morgan Oct. 2014
Barry and Rhonda Herd Oct. 2014
James Dan Winchester and Avenelle S. Winchester Nov. 2014
John T. M. Tompkins Dec. 2014
Sarah Rampy Jan. 2015
Jessica Anderson Faus Jan. 2015
Betty McGrew Hill Jan. 2015
Josh Daughety and Sue Bates Jan. 2015
Jimmy C. McGrew Sr. Feb 2015
Tredwell and Erica Ziegler Feb. 2015
Ben F, and Pat H. Smith March 2015
Donald and Renee Hunter March 2015
Jerry R. Galbreath March 2015
Dwight C. and
Thelma Thrift March 2015
Alice M. Beck March 2015
Ray S. Ross April 2015
James Stanley Roach June 2015
Larry and or Bertie Gibson June 2015
Artistic Builders Inc. July 2015
John F. Hendricks July 2015
Greg M. Cadell and
Mary E. Caddell. July 2015
Clifton R. and
Elaine P. Franks Aug. 2015
Jeffery D. Couch
and Sandra Couch Aug. 2015
Glenn or Carolyn Sellers Aug. 2015
Lola S. Lusk and
Deborah Lusk Young Oct. 2015
Judy E. McJunkin Oct. 2015
Jean C. Watson Oct. 2015
Allen and Nancy Hess Nov. 2015
Danny McCall March 2016
Melvin Lamar and
Catherine Gilstrap July 2016
Dolly Morris Dec. 2016
Randy and Lynn Griffin Aug. 2017