Courier Trespass Notices 8-9-23

In the state of South Carolina, trespass after notice is a misdemeanor criminal offense prohibited by section 16-11-620 for the South Carolina Code.
Those who enter upon the lands of others without the permission of the owner or manager shall be deemed guilty of misdemeanor trespassing. All persons are hereby notified and warned not to hunt, fish, cut timber or trespass in any manner whatsoever upon the lands of the undersigned:

James Dan Winchester Aug. 2023
John Carter Lane Aug. 2023
Violet K. and
Clarence G. Simmons Aug. 2023
Greg and Rosemarie D’Ginto Aug. 2023
Randall and Lynne Griffin Sept. 2023
L.C. Russell Nov. 2023
Frances Revels Oct. 2023
Richard A. Riggins Oct. 2023
Rocky Nimmons Nov. 2023
Barry S. Durham Dec. 2023
James and Sheila Stansell Jan. 2024
Betty Haynes Jan. 2024
Dollie G. Morris Mar. 2024
Pamela Dodson April 2024
George Hannah May 2024
Murpree Farm LLC May 2024
Teresa Julian Tumbleston May 2024
Sarah and James Rampey June 2024
Susan P. Gilstrap and
Michael H. Pilgrim July 2025
John Hendricks July 2025