Culbreath announces his bid for Liberty-area county council seat

LIBERTY — Keith Culbreath has announced his bid for Pickens County Council for the Liberty district.

According to Culbreath, council needs to focus on economic growth in Pickens County in order to bring much-needed jobs to the area.

05ACulbreath“We also need to repair relationships with the municipalities in our county and to make sure things like the coal ash dump are put to rest for good,” Culbreath said.

“My platform is simple — I will work for the citizens of Pickens County and of the Liberty district for the good of the people that I represent,” Culbreath added.

Culbreath said he will work with anyone on anything as long as it is for the citizens and not that of a chosen few.

“I will be accessible, and above all I will be honest,” he said. “Thank you for your support.”

Culbreath retired from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office in 2011. He is a board member of the Liberty Area Fire District. He and his wife attend Norris First Baptist Church.