Dacusville library to debut Saturday

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

DACUSVILLE — Adults who grew up being called down in the school library of Mrs. Patricia Clarke will have the chance to relive memories this Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. at the Dacusville Community Building as the new Dacusville Community Library opens.

Councilman Tom Ponder explained how the county found itself as the owner of the historic piece of property.

“When it came down to it, Dacusville Recreation was the only youth group in the county that would have to purchase a gymnasium to keep its programs going,” Ponder said. “So when the county had the chance to purchase the property from the school district, we started to look at other ways these building could be used. And people came through for us with several suggestions on how the building could serve the Dacusville community.”

Meetings of the beekeepers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, community club and a new public gym for fitness were soon hosted by the building. Soon a room will be set aside for quilters, Ponder said.

“Pretty much if there was a need in the community and we knew about it, this building would be used to meet it,” Ponder said.

The only rule the county is following is no money is to be spent on the project.

“We’ve got lots of people who are willing to volunteer to work at the library, and our book drives have brought in books that will interest all ages,” Ponder said. “We will try to expand and keep on growing.”

Unfortunately, Ponder will have to miss the opening of the new library.

The county will be sponsoring an event to honor the county’s Medal of Honor recipients Saturday.

“A lot of the freedoms we enjoy in making something like a community library would not be available if not or the sacrifices of these men,” Ponder said. “We need to take every chance we get to say ‘thank you.’”