DAR’s National Day of Service

As part of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) National Day of Service, Fort Prince George Easley Chapter members took student school supplies and staff thank you baskets to Lakes and Bridges Charter School, Liberty Primary School and Pickens Elementary School. Each school received baked goodies and health bars, along with educational supplies. “Our chapter loves to surprise the schools,” said community classroom committee chair Darlene Levy, who organized the event. Pictured above, Liberty Primary assistant principal Joy Ellison, Carolyn Nations, Darlene Levy and school counselor Tina Kelly are shown with the goodies the school received. At lower left, DAR members Joyce Hansel and Harriet Nash at Lakes and Bridges Charter School, and at lower right, Pickens Elementary assistant principal Lacey Rogers, Teresa Efant, Darlene Levy, Lana Beckley, Carolyn Nations and Harriet Nash speak during the DAR visit.