Davis announces candidacy for County Council District 3

Pickens — Jimmy Davis has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for the District 3 Pickens County Council seat currently held by Randy Crenshaw.

A lifelong resident of Pickens, Davis believes the primary issue that every councilman should be aware of is the economic situation that all citizens are faced with, stagnant wages and rising prices for everything — including food, medical costs and electricity.

Jimmy Davis Pix“Everyone is being squeezed,” Davis said. “We don’t need the government making it any worse for the residents and businesses who are struggling with this economy. If elected, I’ll fight to make county government more efficient, end any wasteful spending and fight to keep the tax rates down. I also pledge to be a strong voice for the citizens of Pickens County District 3. I’m not a yes man — I am a firm believer that we all need to live within our means, and that includes the government.

“I pledge to also fight against any waste being dumped in our county that could be hazardous or even potentially become hazardous.”

Davis is a political newcomer and believes that he can bring refreshing ideas into the county council, but most of all Davis said he is tired of politicians making promises that can’t be kept just to occupy a seat.

“The promise I can make is that I will be a voice for the people and fight for what the people want and to do what the voters of Pickens County send me there to do, no matter how rich or poor,” Davis said.

Davis added he’s not a career politician — he is an everyday person who lives from payday to payday, and he feels he has the common sense to do the job right.

Davis encourages Distict 3 residents to call him. His cellphone number is (864) 430-3170.

“No private number for me — if elected, I’ll truly be a servant of the public,” he said.

Davis is the son of Jack and Louise Davis of Davis Mulch and the brother of Mitchell Davis, who served as Pickens county coroner from 1988 to 2000. He is married to Marlene Aiken Davis, and he also retired from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office after 25 years of service and has a very knowledgeable background in police work. He also has construction experience, as he was a project manager over a multimillion-dollar construction company until living out of town took much away from his family life.