Dealing with a virus

All About Ben

By Ben Robinson

Today I am dealing with a computer virus. This obviously is a lethal virus, because it is aimed at those of us who are not really that bright.

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Each time I try to save anything to the computer, a message will come up telling me that I have a virus and suggesting ways I can deal with it. Each way the computer suggests involves me purchasing a program online to solve the problem. It makes one wonder if the virus was not somehow sent with these messages of how to solve the problem. Each one has a price attached for the “savior” program.

So I am here struggling to get this column into the system. Last week I had to write my column twice before I got lucky enough to have it land in a place where it could be used. Of course, if I wrote the column twice, I felt the first one was better.

Rocky said he will work with my computer after deadline, and he’s probably smart enough to fix it. But I’m not, so for the next day or so I will be struggling.

We’re continuing to struggle raising funds for my Kentucky trip. I was going to use my tax refund to cover the cost. As I wrote last week, my state check was used to pay an old hospital bill. So I became nervous about my federal check also being used that way.

Don’t get me wrong. I know I owe for the bills. And I will have to pay them eventually. But this trip to Kentucky is my first in four years. I am not egotistical enough to think God cannot work without help from Ben Robinson.

But I do think God has a role for me to play, and for me that’s a blessing. And I don’t want to waste any opportunities for blessings.

Besides, this will be one more opportunity for me to work with Bobby Haley, the originator of Kentucky missions. He will humbly say that he is just a part of the mission trip, but I know from experience he makes a trip better.

Then there’s the ego factor. I went to Kentucky for 20 years or more until one year I decided I had too much on my plate with my job. Nine months later, I was fired from that job. Since then I’ve had the chance to work for the Courier. Returning to Kentucky would sort of be saying that I was right to put my personal life first. Actually, I would be admitting that one summer I was wrong to let my job stand between me and serving others in Kentucky.

But that’s OK. We will deal with the tax check when it comes or does not come. Right now, I just need to concentrate on my computer.