Derrick running for mayor

PICKENS — Jeff Derrick has announced his intent to run for mayor of Pickens.
Calling himself a “self-made” professional, Derrick said he has a “distinctive background in engineering” from design to management of projects spanning some 40-plus years in construction of chemical to nuclear facilities — projects from two-plus million to several hundred million.
He said he also has experience in managing and submitting and  awarding contracts.
“As mayor, I will propose multiple projects of direction for all citizens of Pickens instead of just a chosen few,” Derrick said. “I believe all citizens should have a voice.
“Pickens has had and still has a group of politicians, people that seem to run this city only as they see fit,” he added. “They always put aside the real citizens. Pickens needs a different type of leadership — leadership for all, and not just a chosen few. I pray for your vote. Let’s move forward.”