District to allow students to bring electronic devices

By Ben Robinson, Courier Staff

COUNTY — The School District of Pickens County will allow students to bring their own electronic devices to school beginning next year.

The use of these devices has already been tested with success in pilot programs at some of the schools.

The district is in the process of updating its network infrastructure to allow greater student access to technology.

Details will be released in January about when students will be allowed to bring their devices.

Devices approved for students to bring include laptops, netbooks, notebooks, iPads, e-readers (Kindle, Nook), iPod touch, Tablets/slates, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. Cellphones and smart phones have been approved for non-elementary school students.

IOS (Apple), Windows and Android devices are recommended. Devices should have an Internet browser.

District officials wanted to get the word out about the bring-your-own-device program before Christmas so that parents would be able to purchase such devices as Christmas presents.

School board vice-chairman Alex Saitta said the bring your own device program has the potential to expand student learning without costing the district money.

“Bring your own device has the potential to save money and get students more jazzed up about learning using their own iPods or laptop computers,” Saitta said.