Do you feel a spark of joy?

There are two shows I occasionally watch on television. Don’t ask me why.

One, “Hoarders,” is appalling, but something about it makes me want to know if these poor people can be helped.

The other reason I benefit from “Hoarders” is that it is so reassuring. I say to myself, “Well, the house is a little messy, but at least it isn’t as bad as that.”

So, I get to feel righteous for a little while.

But the other show I’ve seen, and I’ve only watched it twice, is called “Tidying Up.”

It features a tiny Japanese lady who is an expert in organizing your home and making it easier to keep that way.

Now this show is a real bummer. If you enjoy feeling inadequate, this is for you.

She comes to the home of some overwhelmed family who are exhausted, overworked and overwhelmed.

They need to get rid of stuff, but are too exhausted to deal with

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