Doodle Trail Walking Club being formed in Pickens

PICKENS — Have you stayed off the Doodle Trail because you didn’t want to walk alone?

[cointent_lockedcontent]The Doodle Trail Walking Club will start on Monday, Aug. 17, at the trailhead in Pickens at 8 a.m. The club will meet Mondays through Fridays.

Helen Dodgens of Pickens has started a walking club to help people become more active and feel better physically and mentally. There are no dues or fees — membership is free to all.

The purpose of the club will be to partner individuals with similar walking styles from beginners up, to enjoy the fellowship of others while walking to a healthier lifestyle.

Participants will need a good pair of walking shoes and running socks that minimizes friction and movement and wicks moisture away from your feet.

Hydration is very important, and participants need to bring water or Gatorade to drink. Diabetics also need to pack peanut butter crackers or some other protein bar to bring sugar levels up if they drop. Protection for diabetic feet is of utmost importance. Wear a hat, sunscreen and light clothing for this time of year.

A small wet towel around your neck helps keep your body cool. Talk to your physician if you have medical problems before starting a walking program.

The Doodle Trail does not have rest benches or trash receptacles at this time. You will be responsible for taking trash back to your vehicle. You can carry a small backpack or waist pack to help with your items. Rest benches are desperately needed for individuals with disabilities to be able to walk the trail. Bring your cell phone in case of an emergency.[/cointent_lockedcontent]