Easley NJROTC cadets complete leadership academy

EASLEY — Four Easley High School Naval JROTC cadets graduated from the Area Six Leadership Academy on June 25, held at the Citadel Military College.

One week of vigorous mental and physical training designed to develop the future leaders of the more than 60 NJROTC units throughout North and South Carolina. 180 cadets were involved in the training and were awarded a silver aiguillettes upon graduation. The honored silver aiguillette is the only aiguillette that can be worn on the right shoulder — more responsibility and initiative is expected from a cadet that wears one.

Physical fitness is the initial training at the beginning of each day followed by personnel and bunk inspection, classroom instruction, orienteering, close order drill, manual of the sword and of course proper etiquette. In order for a cadet to graduate they must pass a physical fitness exam which consists of one minute of push-ups, one minute of curl-ups and a one mile run and the requirements vary by age and gender.

Easley cadets who completed the academy were cadets Brandon Marsh, Kelsie Hart, William Frazier and Heidi Jacome.