Easley NJROTC visits Duke’s World of Energy

EASLEY — Easley High School Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) Naval Science 1 classes had the opportunity to visit Duke Power’s World of Energy to see where the electricity comes from that they use daily.

The cadets were able to experience first-hand the importance of all of their core classes, especially math and science, and how they are applied to produce the electricity they use to charge their cell phones and iPods, heat their homes and all of the other conveniences that electricity is used for, and in most cases, taken for granted.

The tour started with a powerpoint presentation from Duke Power public affairs representative Addie Bradshaw on how nuclear energy, coal and water are used to produce electricity. She also stressed the physical and environmental safety of the Oconee Nuclear site, along with security that protects the site from possible threats.

After the presentation, the cadets were able to tour a nuclear reactor operating station simulator, led by J. R. Steely, where the reactor operators go through intense training to get certified by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The simulator is an exact replica of the actual nuclear reactor operating station, so safety is never jeopardized and there is no question in the procedures used by continually training and certifying the operators. The cadets were very intrigued by all of the bells and whistles and had many questions for Steely.

“This was a very educational field trip,” said Chief Mark Stauder, NJROTC instructor at EHS. “It opened the eyes of many cadets to the importance of math and science in their curriculum and how these courses could lead to a higher paying job.

“Bravo Zulu (job well done) to Mr. Bill Ross for setting this field trip up, Ms. Addie Bradshaw for presenting the World of Energy to the cadets, to Mr. Steely for connecting with the cadets and their numerous questions on how it all works, and Duke Power for making this trip possible.”