Easley raises millage

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

EASLEY — Easley City Council set the city’s millage rate for the 2014 tax year at 60.

Initial efforts were to set the rates at 58.4, but council members were told that would not balance the budget, so the rate was changed. The change in rate is because this in a reassessment year. Council voted 7-0 to change the rate.

Council also voted to assign former Easley Police officer Gene Cope as a city municipal judge. Council voted 7-0 to make the assignment.

Local business owner Sam Norris spoke before council to share his concerns over a recent fire that was next door to his store, Uncle Sam’s Antiques.

While there was no damage to his store, and he had nothing but praise for fire chief Butch Womack and his crew, Norris was concerned about the building, which has not been used as a business for years.

Norris said the city should be able to check on unoccupied buildings in the Main Street district for fire hazards that could result in damage to buildings close by that are operating businesses.

City officials are also bracing for the 2014 Fall for The Arts Festival, set for Oct. 4. The event has grown in its four years in the city. Four years ago, at the first Fall For The Arts Festival, only about 30 people participated.

Now, this year, the festival should have no problem attracting about 100 participants, officials said.

The festival is planned to run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Easley Farmers Market.