Easley welcomes new council member Moore

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Ben Robinson/Courier

As his wife, Angela, holds the Bible, Terry Moore is sworn into his seat on Easley City Council at Monday night’s meeting.

By Ben Robinson, Courier Staff

EASLEY — Monday night’s meeting of Easley City Council began with the swearing-in ceremony for new council member Terry Moore.

Moore said he was already feeling the responsibility of the office.

“From the day I was elected, the phone has not stopped ringing,” he said.

Folks did not necessarily want to congratulate him for his successful campaign but to ask for his help with some matter with the citys, he said.

Council member Kent Dykes was unable to attend because of an annual hiking trip on the Appalachian Trail. Mayor Larry Bagwell asked council members to keep Dykes in their prayers because he may face some difficult weather during his trip.

Councilman Chris Mann noted the passing of Easley fireman Tommy Rogers Sunday.

Councilman Brian Garrison announced the hiring of Ben Riddle as the new athletic director for the Easley Parks and Recreation Department.

Shirley Jones, president of the Downtown Business Association, said her group was being held back by the city’s sign laws. Jones asked that the regulations be relaxed.

City building official Tommy Holcombe said he had no problem with the council looking at the sign laws completely, but he felt the city should avoid “cherry-picking” the ordinance just for special situations.

Bagwell agreed and named a committee with councilman Jim Robinson as chair and Moore and Garrison as members to look at the city’s sign ordinances.

Citizen Fred Rich spoke before council, praising those who help the city’s recreation facility open early. He reported that about 14 citizens were there early to work out, though most are senior citizens. A few leave to go to work, he said.

He appreciated it because as a retiree from the military, he was in the habit of exercising early in the morning.

“Keep it open early,” Rich said. “It gives me something more to do than wait for daylight.”