Election a chance to come together

As you ride around this county, you see signs everywhere (literally) that an election is looming.

You see advertisements and see Facebook posts promoting new ideas, change and things that need to be improved.

I applaud every candidate who has put himself out there and done more than just “talk,” but filed to run for a political office and try to make a difference.

Back in 2013, I ran for mayor, and I told folks I don’t have any idea what a mayor does or what all the job entails, but I loved Liberty and I wanted to make a difference. After I got elected, I quickly realized I knew even less than nothing about being a mayor and everything that goes along with it.

It is much more than proclamations, ribbon-cuttings and council meetings. It is constant phone calls with department heads, handling citizen complaints, speaking at various events, making decisions that impact today and the future and not only council meetings, but meeting after meeting after meeting — and the list goes on and on.

It is a thankless job with many hours and little pay — you do this because you have a servant’s heart, not because you will get paid handsomely to do it.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that the world of politics is difficult and the wheels turn very slowly. You can see something that needs to be done, know how to do it, but guess what — you can’t just do it. You need approvals, and then jump through 12 hoops — and then MAYBE it gets done.

I may run again in 2017, or I may not. I ran in 2013 because I knew God had that planned for my life, and if He wants me to run again I certainly will.

I just want to encourage the public to educate themselves on how this works. Attend city council meetings, county council meetings and communicate with our state leaders.

There are bad politicians, just as there are bad folks in all walks of life, but sometimes it is not as cut and dry as it may appear. We need now more than ever before to come together and get out of our little groups that promote individual agendas and get behind and support our elected leaders in office currently and any who go in after this election.

Just my two cents!

Eric Boughman has been the mayor of Liberty since his election in 2013.