Enjoying a…White Christmas,County gets historical December 25 snowfall

By Nicole Daughhette
Staff Reporter

COUNTY — While communities in Pickens County might not have awoken to a glittery blanket of winter white snow on their lawns Christmas morning, most did experience snow-fall beginning Christmas evening and continuing throughout the night and early morning hours of Dec. 26.
Either way, Pickens County experienced a historical White Christmas — the first one ever documented in Pickens County — and the first one to be documented in Greenville County since 1947.
According to the National Weather Service located at Greenville-Spartanburg Airport in Greer, snowfall and accumulation was recorded as follows: areas nine miles north of Pickens received a 2.5-inch accumulation of snow and areas located seven miles west of Pickens had a documented one inch of snow.
Other reports indicate that Liberty received trace amounts of snow, Pickens had 1.3 inches of snow and Pumpkintown accumulated three inches of snow.
There were no specific snow amounts documented in Easley or other municipalities in Pickens County.