Every dog has his say

Our boxer, Boomer, aka Boom Boom, is one of the sweetest dogs we’ve ever owned. We will celebrate his second birthday in November, and although we expected him to be a mature dog at this age, it is not to be.

I was recently told by a friend that it takes a boxer four years to grow up. This appears to be true. There’s no harm in Boom Boom, he just has a lot of energy, curiosity and intelligence — and he likes to chew. Anything.

We expected some of this behavior when he was a puppy. After all, all puppies chew on things when teething.

He was no exception. But we are still waiting for him to outgrow this habit. Or perhaps I should say hobby, because most of his spare time is spent engaged in this activity.

Boom Boom doesn’t chew things. He rips them apart, shreds them,

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