Farm Show tradition continues

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

DACUSVILLE — Tragedy seemed to have struck the annual Farm Days celebration in Dacusville just a few years ago.

The festival had become a showcase for the family of Jimmy Robinson.

Robinson, a longtime farmer in the Dacusville community, knew about the classic tractors spotlighted in the show, and his family land seemed to be the ideal place for the festival featuring traditional farm values.

But Robinson’s oldest son, Randy, who was the heart of the festival, died unexpectedly three years ago. His middle son, Frankie, was involved in a career in the banking industry. And his youngest son, Danny, while active on the farm, was not interested in taking the responsibility for the festival.

Those factors and health problems Jim and his wife Jane were facing convinced him to give up the festival.

But several of those who displayed farm equipment at the festival came to the rescue. Tom and Jackie Turner, who had just moved into the Dacusville community into the former residence of Buck and Jean Rich, found that their new home had plenty of room to host the festival.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Robinson said. “With this festival, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, the success depends upon how much you care.

“And Tom has put his heart into the celebration, and it shows. He’s taken this farther than my family could have hoped to. It’s nice that he’s kind of kept Randy’s dream alive. Hat’s off to him for all his hard work.”

The Dacusville Farm Show is now held on Turner’s estate. This is Turner’s third show, which is still loved by the surrounding community.

Antique tools and tractors will be featured, along with a hay ride.

Vendors will be stationed across the festival grounds, selling food items such as hot dogs and cotton candy. And plenty of iced tea will be available.

Kids will enjoy the hay rides across festival grounds.

Turner was excited about a new stage for music, where he promises plenty of picking and singing from local artists will be featured.

The event will open this Satuday and Sunday at 9 a.m. each day and close at 10 p.m. each day.

Parking is free, and children 12 and under are admitted free. Adult admission is $5, and those with a military ID are also admitted free.