Flashbacks celebrate 20-year anniversary

EASLEY — On Jan. 1, 1996, four former band members found themselves without a musical outlet that they had enjoyed for the past five years.

Mike Johnson and Larry Pope approached Jim Lynn and Val Dyches with the idea of forming a band. The talent represented by the four included keyboards, bass guitar, drums and a vocalist, but a band is not a band without a guitar player. The search was on for the right person to fill the position.

Paul Cook was suggested to fill the spot. There was, however, a small problem — he had never played beach music or music from the ‘60s.

Always up to the challenge, Cook said, “I can learn this.” And so he did. In fact, the group worked together preparing, rehearsing and having fun for about eight months prior to their first show.

flashbacksThe key to success for any musical group is name recognition. The group felt that the name “The Flashbacks” best identified the musical genre for which they would like to be known. The name was adopted, and the rest is history.

When the band originally started, one of the rules established was, ‘When this is no longer fun, it is time to quit.” According to Pope and Cook, the band’s two remaining original members, it is still fun.

Twenty years of fun can be heard in the group’s latest album, “Celebrating 20 Years,” which will be released on July 2.

The past two decades have been filled with many great memories of performances, achievements and long-lasting friendships, according to Pope. The Flashbacks’ brand is “rock ‘n’ roll, beach and soul.”

“This is what we do — from the Drifters to Bruno Mars — past, present and future,” Pope said.

In addition to Pope on bass guitar and vocals and Cook on guitar and vocals, the other current members of The Flashbacks are David Blackstock on trumpet and vocals, Tamy Heard on vocals, David Galloway on saxophones, Don Burts on the keys, trombone and vocals, Reggie Mull on the guitar and vocals, and Dan Kidd on the drums.

“We would like to thank all of our friends, fans and supporters who have been there for The Flashbacks during these 20 years,” Pope said. “Come out and see us July 2 at Old Market Square in Easley.”

The Flashbacks’ original lineup will be opening the show.

“We will be creating one more great memory for The Flashbacks,” Pope said.

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