Fowler celebrates 101st birthday with friends

By Nicole Daughhetee
Staff Reporter

EASLEY — Last Thursday, 40 seniors met at the Easley Wendy’s for their usual Thursday afternoon bingo game, but on this occasion, they had another exciting agenda: the celebration of Dorsie Fowler’s 101st birthday.

Born August 21, 1911, Fowler remains an active member at Mt. Airy Church and meets for bingo at Wendy’s every Thursday from 3-4 p.m.
“She is smart as a whip,” said Nikki Young, associate manager at Wendy’s and the woman responsible for organizing Thursday afternoon bingo.

“A couple of the ladies approached me about having bingo, and they’ve been meeting here for the last four years to play and eat,” she said.
Young, alongside Wendy’s store manager Staton Greenlee, presented Fowler with a cake, courtesy of the Wendy’s family.

This is just a small way that we at Wendy’s try to give back to the community,” said Young.

A resident of Easley since 1945, Fowler was married to her husband Mac Fowler for more than 70 years. She has two sons, Gary and Keith Fowler, as well as a daughter, Nancy Fowler. Nancy and Keith were both present for their mom’s birthday celebration; brother Gary could not be there because he was taking a friend to a chemotherapy appointment.
Fowler was presented with an especially sentimental gift — a photograph that all of her bingo group had signed.

“I don’t know what to make of all this,” said a teary-eyed Fowler. “Isn’t that wonderful. I wouldn’t trade this for a million dollars.”
Fowler credits God for her longevity and happiness.

“He’s my maker and He’s my Lord. God is above everything in my life,” she said. “I’ve lived a good, clean life serving the Lord.”

She also said that Wendy’s baked potatoes give her the energy she needs for Thursday afternoon bingo.

Dot Kirk, a friend and fellow bingo player, wrote a tribute to Fowler.
“She’s been an inspiration to those who know her best, and so we have this celebration,” Kirk wrote. “For where there’s love, there’s happiness and peace beyond measure, and having friends to ‘bingo’ with brings a goodly pleasure. So, here’s to Dorsie! Here’s to Wendy’s, for bringing us together where we can meet each Thursday, in fair and stormy weather.”