Friends of Hampton Library brings programs to community

EASLEY — In September and October, the Friends of Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Library presented two dynamic programs for the community.

In September, an homage to Elizabeth Spencer featured the award-winning documentary of the dynamic woman called a “writer’s writer.” Now in her nineties and just publishing her latest collection of short stories, “Starting Over,” she has been writing for 70 years and was a nominee for the Pulitzer for her controversial novel “Voices at the Back Door.” The documentary “Landscapes of the Heart” is available at the Easley library and is enjoyable as well as educational for both students and anyone interested in the life of a great author.

In October, John Warley appeared to discuss his latest work, “A Southern Girl.” The story is primarily set in Charleston and centers on the adoption of a Korean child. The conflicts of acceptance are front and center not only by the immediate family but the society of Charleston. The author’s personal experience adopting his daughter from Korea gave him first-hand knowledge of societal prejudices and how each family member reacted. Warley is a graduate of The Citadel and has been a close friend of Pat Conroy ever since. Conroy’s comment that he wishes he had written the book is a testimony to the quality of the book. Warley is also the author of “Bethesda’s Child,” which centers on the conflict of science and politics. His next work is to be an historical fictional account of the Civil War experiment that is referred to as “the Port Royal Experiment,” which was set in in Beaufort.